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Regular Visits

The first and second visits are the most time consuming. You should plan on scheduling one hour for each of these visits. If you have not made a same day appointment for your initial visit you can request that our office mail the initial paperwork to you so you have the opportunity to complete it prior to coming to our office. In an effort to maintain office efficiency with an emphasis of getting patients in and out on time we respectfully ask that you complete your paperwork prior to your visit or that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

Avoid relapse with regular visits.

Avoid relapse with regular visits.

Upon arrival at our office, Laura, our office manager will greet you and ask you to sign in. This is the time to give her a copy of your driver’s license and insurance information. If you have had the opportunity to complete the initial paperwork, you can give it Laura at this time. If you haven’t, she will be happy to provide you with the paperwork and you can fill it out at this time.

Your remaining appointments will range anywhere from 5-45 minutes. This may vary depending on the results of your initial examination. the doctor will design a personal treatment plan for you. If you are in a hurry on a particular day, please notify Laura of that upon arrival and our office will do whatever we can to respect your time frame. We always do our best to not keep you waiting. At Booher Family Chiropractic, we respect your time and we truly appreciate your punctuality. If the doctor is running behind, you can rest assured that it is due to a patient needing something “extra” that day that was perhaps unexpected. The doctors prides themselves on “going the extra mile in order to provide the best quality in care” for their patients. Please keep in mind if you ever need that “extra time” the doctors will take that time for you.

Please keep in mind that all co-pays and cash payments are expected at the time of service unless prior financial arrangements have been made with our office.